What is Astrology – Horoscopes and Numerology Reports

The stars, the moon, and the planets have always stirred a sense of wonder. Different cultures in the world today still look up to the skies and see what many cannot see with the naked eye: the face of divinity. Astrology is possibly the most ancient, mysterious systems of planetary wisdom that links all life, the universe, creation, and man.

What is Astrology?

This is an ancient form of art that goes beyond your personal horoscopes. Astrology is the what is astrologystudy of the movement and the relative position of astronomic objects as a means of divining information about the worldly events and human activities.

According to astrology, the terrestrial movements influence the different moments in time. For instance, the position of the sun, moon, planets, and stars at the time of a person’s birth is said to shape their personality, predict their economic fortunes, affect their romantic relationships among other divinations.

Types of astrology

There are many fields in the study of astrology. Some of the most common include;

• Natal Astrology: Natal astrology is the most common type of astrology. It seeks to make forecasts and evaluations based on a subject’s date of birth. Natal astrology believes that everything that happens to something or someone is conveyed at the beginning of their existence, popularly known as the law of beginnings.

• Mundane Astrology: Mundane astrology seeks to examine world happenings make predictions about both national and international affairs, economics and wars.

Interrogatory Astrology: This astrology aims to make precise predictions about the subject’s objectives or the events within the subjects’ lifetime.


Astrology: How does it work?

First, it is important for you to understand that astrology is a beautiful and glorious synchronization of science and life force. By using the Earth’s path around the sun as a stationary reference point, and the accurate astronomical plotting of terrestrial movements, people can comprehend, with remarkable precision, the highest divine meanings and the most practical abilities that harmonize with celestial happenings.

Astrologers overlay these exact scientific records through the birth chart. The birth chart indicates a snapshot of the sky at the time of birth. The positions and aspects of the moon, sun, and the planets mysteriously disclose the true nature and purpose of one’s life. By comparing the birth chart and the imminent planetary movements, astrologers can peer into one’s future.

What is the link between astrology and horoscopes?

Astrology and Horoscopes are interrelated. There cannot be one without the other. A Zodiac horoscopehoroscope is a prediction diagram or a chart that is based on astrology. Most people know about astrology and horoscopes through their sign- the 12 constellations of the zodiac. The zodiac is a form of a sun-sign astrology where newspapers and horoscope are based.

Horoscopes depict the planetary position of the sky, the moon, sun and planets at the time of birth through charts and diagrams. Astrologers study these charts to make their predictions.

How can you benefit from Astrology?

The benefits of astrology transcend ordinary worries and are an invaluable treasure for people. It can reveal a person’s life purpose, their ascension path as well as provides incredible clarity on matters of love, health, experience finance, family, and spirit. It offers solutions to life’s most difficult and seemingly hopeless challenges and reveals pathways to demonstrating abundance and success at exceptional levels.

Astrology empowers people by helping them realize their inherent strengths and abilities that they may accept and develop them with confidence. Unlike anything else on earth, astrology imbues clarity, hope, optimism, and purpose for the world’s spiritual seekers so that their lives become positive, vibrant, unique and yet integral part of humanity.

Still, the real value of astrology is not answering questions about the happenings in your life. Its real value comes down to personal understanding. If your life looks like like a series of vain incidents, astrology can be the reassuring sign that perhaps life happens for a reason. Astrology can help you gain objectivity when you are confused. It can teach you about yourself, the potentials around you, the different stages of life, and the phases of a relationship. In few words, Astrology is one of life’s greatest tools. It shines a light on core contradictions and your natural strengths.


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