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Zodiac Traits

Life has got various phases. One has to come across a variety of emotions in each stage; one has to come across all the good and bad happenings in life. It has to be accepted that there is no life without sadness and there is no life without happiness. Sad and happy instances come and go in each and every people’s life. It is important for one to take both the sadness and happiness equally. Though one cannot avoid all the happenings in one’s life, one can set their mind if one knows what is happening in their life and what is going to happen in their life.

Here is when people think about astrology and horoscope. One will get a better idea if one understands it more clearly. Here is crisp information about it.

Overview of Zodiac Signs

zodiac signs

Everybody knows that there are nine planets. Zodiac signs based on these planetary positions. These positions have an effect on our body, behavior, and future. Astrologers calculate the position of these planets, sun, moon etc. and predict the future. So, when one likes to know about his or her future, the astrologer assesses the position of these celestial bodies during his or her birth and calculates the position in the future. Each planet has its own behavior. The character and future of a person are predicted based on the behavior of the particular planet in the calculated position.

Overview of Horoscopes

As stated above, the astrology is predicted based on the planetary positions at a particular date, time and place usually the birth date, birth time and the birth place. These positions are displayed in the form of a diagram or a chart which is called as a horoscope or the birth chart. Generally, the astrologers use it as a divination tool to know about the past, present and future.

History Of Horoscopes

Though it is known that horoscope originated in Babylonia, it was the Greeks who first used it. They found that human’s life can be predicted based on the arrangement of sun, moon and the planets. They also understood that certain arrangement of these planets occurs again which can be used to predict the future.

This practice spread from Greece to Rome and later into other parts of Europe. But, the practice did not continue then for many years until the 17th century. It was William Willy who brought back astrology into practice with the name of “Christian Astrology”. From then on, astrology and horoscope saw a consistent growth and it spread across the world.

Benefits of Horoscopes

  • Horoscopes are of great help to understand one’s strength. In general, there are people who do not know their strengths and they are afraid to take out any steps or decide on something. Horoscopes let them know about their strengths, weakness and other important characters. So, one can attain their goal more easily
  • One important decision that has to be made in one’s life is about their career. Generally, people think a lot before they decide about their career. When a person chooses a wrong career that does not suit his trait, the entire life may go meaningless. The 10th house says more about a person’s career which also helps in predicting about the future career prospects.
  • When one gets the knowledge about his future, he becomes more confident and optimistic.
  • Knowledge about one’s future will make one be cautious during an unfavorable time and helps one to make use of auspicious time.

Overall, it helps one to decide about various happenings in their life.

Components of Horoscope

Horoscopes can be divided into four key components; zodiac signs, planets, houses and aspects.

  • Zodiac signs: The planets, sun, and moon are considered to move along a circular path. This circular path can be divided into twelve equal 30-degree sections. Each section forms different zodiac signs.
  • Planets: Each planet in our solar system has its own effects on human beings. The trait of each planet describes the trait of each person.
  • Houses: It has twelve sections known as houses. Each house describes different qualities in a person’s life.  The planets are placed in different houses as per the position and the effect is varies based on the planet and the position of a planet in the particular house.
  • Aspects: The relationship between the elements is called as the aspects. The angle formed by planets with each other forms the aspects.

Thus horoscopes have been in use for a long time to predict the future. However, when one decides to consult an astrologer they have to be careful. Prediction and horoscopes is an art and not everyone are experts and there is usually very less accountability on the astrologer. Hence choose one after careful review and consideration. It has to be kept in mind that no matter what your horoscope says, you still need to work, nothing comes free.

Zodiac Traits

zodiac traits

Our ancestors understood that the cosmic objects have a certain influence on human life. We still believe in it. This is the base for the birth of zodiac signs. Zodiac can be called as a prediction based on the movement of the sun when a person is born. A person’s character, the state of mind, physical appearance, their fortune, relationship with others and many other qualities can be predicted with the position of the sun this is called predicting zodiac traits.

The point where the sun begins marks the first zodiac sign ‘Aries’ and it travels along a circular path which can be divided into twelve 30 degree segments which are the twelve different signs in the zodiac. Thus completing its 360-degree journey and giving way to identify the zodiac sign of a person being born based on its position during his or her birth.

People of different Signs and their Zodiac Traits

Here is quick information about how each person’s zodiac Trait varies based on the sun’s position during the movement that is the zodiac sign.

  • Aries Traits:  A person born between 21st March and April 19th belongs to this sign. The Zodiac traits show that these people bring joy into other’s life. One can trust these people a lot as they are courageous, independent and they have great focus on their goals
  • Taurus Traits: A person born between April 20th and May 20th belongs to this sign. The Taurus people are said to be easy going and when they keep an eye on something they like, they will not leave it until they get it. They fight for it and they are very much stubborn on it.
  • Gemini Traits: A person born between May 21st and June 20th belongs to this sign. These people are full of energy and they are adaptable. They are talkative and can be a wonderful company for anyone.
  • Cancer Traits: A person born between June 21st and July 22nd belongs to this sign. One cannot predict the Cancerians very easily as the change themselves now and then. They are very cautious and protective.
  • Leo Traits: A person born between July 23rd and August 22nd belongs to this sign. Leos are faithful. The Zodiac traits show that they are broad minded and are short tempered Though they are short tempered they are known for their forgiveness.
  • Virgo Traits: A person born between August 23rd and September 22nd belongs to this sign. They are very much analytical oriented and are very practical in everything.
  • Libra Traits: A person born between September 23rd and October 22nd belong to this sign. Librans are very hard working and are ambitious too. They are very romantic and sociable.
  • Scorpio Traits: A person born between October 23rd and November 21st belong to this sign. Their loyalty and kindness make them get noticed. They are very much eager to know about everything and everyone.
  • Sagittarius Traits: A person born between November 22nd and December 21st belongs to this sign. These people have a positive approach to everything. They do not want them to be restricted and they love to move freely. They love to meet new people every day.
  • Capricorn Traits: A person born between December 22nd and January 19th belongs to this sign. These people are very much disciplined and are ambitious. They are hard working too. Their patience and confidence will make them successful.
  • Aquarius Traits: A person born between January 20th and February 18th belongs to this sign. They do not worry about what other people say about them. In other words, they are unemotional and are detached. They use all their opportunities to formulate new ideas and they work towards it.
  • Pisces Traits: A person born between February 19th and March 20th belongs to this sign. Pisceans are very much sensitive and make a good listener. They like to live in their fantasy world escaping from the reality.

As you can see, each sign is a little different from each other.  Click on the sign names, I dive much deeper into the zodiac traits of each sign


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