Taurus Traits

Taurus Traits

What are some common Taurus Traits  

Depending on the day and month of birth, every person has its own Zodiac sign. One of the 12 Zodiac signs is Taurus. Knowing the traits of this Zodiac sign can help in understanding the character of this sign and its compatibility with the other signs of the Zodiac. Learn if you can get along with a person born in the sign of Taurus. What are the exact Taurus traits?

Taurus Overview

The constellation of Taurus is for sure one of the oldest constellations, but The Taurus sign is not coinciding with this constellation. More precise is that this sign continues from where the Aries sign stops their influence, making the Taurus a fixed Zodiac sign.

There are two myths, both from ancient Greek that connect this sign with the king of gods, named Zeus. About the first myth that links Taurus to Zeus with the kidnapping of the beautiful Phoenician princess that was done by Zeus, attracting the princess disguised as a while bool, bringing her to Crete where she gave birth to Zeus’s three sons.  The second myth that connects Zeus to Taurus is because of his infidelity to his wife Hera, with her priestess lo. Hera finds out and got very mad, so Zeus to protect the priestess lo turn her into a heifer, but Hera found the truth and cursed to wonder the world enchanted as cow stung by a gadfly. Zeus saved the low and she gave birth to his daughter and son.

These myths linking the Taurus with Zeus, signify the romantic relationships, adultery, enormous rage, and revenge, it’s most likely to happen if the sign manifests the Taurus constellation.

Traits of the Taurus sign


If the date range of someone’s birth is from 20 April to 20 May, that person belongs to the Taurus sign. This sign is a fixed Zodiac sign and his element is the Earth. Colors that go with Taurus are green and pink; also, the luckiest days for this sign are Friday and Monday. The Taurus is ruled by Venus and his luckiest numbers are 2, 6, 9, 12, and 24.

The Taurus traits are:

  • Person born with sign of Taurus shows strengths as: reliability, patience, devotion, stability and practicability. The Taurus sign values hard work. They are very well-grounded and practical in their lives, wanting to be always surrounded by beautiful things. The Taurus enjoys hedonism and physical pleasures and always turns to the material world. The Taurus is one of the most reliable Zodiac signs, very stable and tactile and never changes his choices until he gets what he wants.
  • Taurus traits that show weaknesses are: stubbornness, possessiveness, and the disability to compromise with others. People born in the Taurus sign are quite realistic and can easy make money because of their devotion. But, their commitment sometimes goes far and turns to stubbornness. They can become long term friends and lovers but these kinds of relationship can make them possessive, conservative, and even materialistic because it’s hard for them to compromise as they their world is founded on wealth mostly.
  • People born with the Taurus sign like to garden, cook, listen to music, work with their hands, romance, and quality beautiful clothes. Being in control by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, creativity, and attraction, making Taurus a perfect cook, artist, and lover.
  • Also, the Taurus traits for things that the sign dislikes are: insecurity, sudden changes and low- quality clothes for wearing. Because of their huge loyalty and commitment to others, they don’t like criticism and sudden changes; they can become dependable from other people because they find it hard let people go. But despite that, this sign can become the most practical and realistic voice in difficult situations.

Taurus Compatibility

As a Taurus sign or a person interested in a Taurus sign, knowing the Taurus traits is the first step for getting to know the person and deciding how high is the compatibility of this sign with the other signs.

The most compatible signs with Taurus are Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.

The compatibility of Taurus-Cancer is mostly because they have similar and simple lifestyles. The both signs are caring and compassionate that makes friends easily. They can add many beautiful and happy moments in each other lives.

The Taurus-Virgo compatibility is one of the highest compatibility in the Zodiac. The signs have many characteristics in common like their loyalty, realistic perspective; the both signs are dedicated and devoted to each other completely.

The compatibility of Taurus-Capricorn makes this couple a great match. They have a practical approach to life, they have high ambitions and the both signs have the same level of determination to achieve their goals.

The Taurus-Pieces compatibility is made mostly because of the difference in each other characters. The Taurus is practical and realistic, but the Pieces lives in the world of dreams. Both signs are attracted by each other different opinions and way of life, maintaining high-leveled in this match.


Learning the Taurus Traits and their effect on the personality can help to understand the Taurus person. The Taurus Traits form the picture of a Taurus person and helping you to find out everything you need to know about your compatibility with Taurus, your love relationship or friendship with this sign.



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