Scorpio Traits

Scorpio Traits

Scorpions’ are known for their cool attitude and their mischievous look. Loyalty and kindness mark their character. Read further to know more about the Scorpio Traits.

Scorpio Background:

Scorpio forms the eighth sign of the zodiac and the sun moves around this region from October 23rd to November 21st. As it forms the element of water, the quality of water can also be pointed out to indicate scorpions’ emotion.

The symbol of this zodiac sign is the Scorpion itself which symbolizes protection. The Scorpion attacks and paralyzes its prey with its poisonous tail for protecting itself from danger and sometimes for the act of destruction. Though a single glance of the scorpion is foreboding, it is not so when the inner beauty is admired. This is how the actual scorpions will also be in real life. Though a scorpion person may look a bit harsh at the first glance they are not so from their inner feelings. This can easily be understood from the Scorpio traits which are specified below.

Scorpio Traits:

Usually some people will move away from those who are born as Scorpio as they tend to be careful with this sign. If you are also a person of such type, never do it again. This is because Scorpions are not that kind of person from whom you have to run away.  If you know more about a Scorpio, you will not walk backward from him or her. Learn about the Scorpio traits before you do so.

  • They are never afraid to speak the truth whatever may be the result. This speaks of their brave nature.
  • They do not make fake smiles and hugs.
  • They never speak fake words to impress others.
  • Scorpios fall for people who are truthful and showers real love.
  • They are at time jealous.
  • Scorpions expect others to be open from their heart without hiding their emotions but they remain unaffected by whatever was said.
  • They like to have their secrets within themselves. They are mysterious and like to live in the mysterious world and they become dull when the secrets are let out.
  • Scorpios like to change people to their desire.
  • They are ambitious and hard working.
  • They become brutal when they lose their temper especially when they are betrayed.
  • Scorpions take the time to speak out freely.
  • They sometimes like to be alone.
  • They are very much protective when it comes to their dear ones.
  • One of the most important Scorpio traits is they are extremely emotional; at times they go to two extremes.

Scorpio Compatibility:

Scorpions are found to be very emotional in nature. When a scorpion say that they are very much attracted and they are in love with you. They mean it. When it comes to a relationship, scorpions will be ready to give the full excitement. Though they do not show it outside, they have a lot in store for their love.

Scorpions are very much compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Pisces, and Capricorn and are found to be less compatible with Leo and Aquarius.

So, if you find to get along with scorpions, never miss them because they are full of love and emotions.


So, having read through the Scorpio traits, one must be in a good position to understand that scorpions’ are not very harsh and stubborn as they look; they are very sweet from inside. Here is an overall recap of the Scorpio Traits.

Their strengths involve their brave nature, stubbornness and making themselves resourceful. Their weaknesses are their jealous, secretive and violent behavior.  They like to have everlasting friends and they like to be on the side of truth. Scorpios enjoy by teasing others.  They never like people who are dishonest and people who reveal their secret. They even never reveal their secrets to others.


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