Sagittarius Traits

Sagittarius Traits
Sagittarius Traits

What are Sagittarius Traits showing about them?

It is a zodiac sign which is very popular sign usually referred as a sun sign. Many have seen the sign but do not actually know what it’s called. The Sagittarius sign is depicted as an arrow and regarded as the adventurer.

Sagittarius Overview

What are these Sagittarius traits?  First, we need to find out who is a Sagittarius. A Sagittarius is a person who was born between the dates of November 23rd– December 22nd. What you are trying to find out is what characteristics a Sagittarius has. Are your friends or family Sagittarius? Are you a Sagittarius? Finding out all this information is the best way to settle your mind.

Sagittarius Traits

Sagittarius traits are:

  • This person is free hence freedom is very important to him. The adventurer side of the Sagittarius depicts his free will. They are an outdoor kind of person and you cannot limit his/her freedom. Sagittarius have independence in them.
  • They are extroverts. This is so true because of their love to be free. You enjoy being with other people and are really lively.
  • Self-confidence is another Sagittarius trait. They are beaming with confidence and sort of unafraid. Sagittarius never shy away from anything. This self-confidence usually breeds over confidence which to some may be regarded as a bad thing. To a Sagittarius, it is an advantage as they can achieve with self-belief in them.
  • The love of adventure is usually ingrained in them. Sagittarius are sort of explorers who are out there making discoveries. It is a form of a trait which may seem to be in their DNA. You are an adventurous Sagittarius.
  • They are people who are loving and kind hearted. Sagittarius are not mean people. They enjoy hanging out with people. You are a people person and usually, have an understanding of people. It is not in a Sagittarius nature to have negative emotions and feelings about people.

Sagittarius Compatibility

You have now determined that you are a Sagittarius. The Sagittarius traits match exactly to your personality or nature. You are different from everyone else, so you should love it.

For Sagittarius compatibility, what you are best compatible with are Aries and Leo. They are the best zodiac signs that will do well with Sagittarius. Why you ask, let’s find out.

  • Why Leo?

Leo is usually represented with the lion. For starters, they are two (2) sun signs. Why then bring the lion and arrow together. Compatible they are Leo and Sagittarius. When persons with such two signs meet each other a bond or friendship is formed. There is always an understanding between them that is mutual and amazing.

  • Why Aries?

Also, Sagittarius and Aries have great compatibility together. The signs can be defined as warm signs. There is a bond here that cannot be matched. You can definitely notice the incredible bond between them.  The incredible bond here is the key. This is what great relationships are made up of. You are a Sagittarius person.


There are various myths about the zodiac sign, Sagittarius constellation where some state that it is the creature with a man’s head, arms and with a horse leg and body (centaur). There is usually a dilemma here and also confusion. This zodiac sign has been depicted in various movies or plays trying to show its value and importance to the audience. This is usually done by presenting the Sagittarius traits.

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