Libra Traits – October Zodiac Sign Personality and Characteristics

Libra Traits

Libra is the number 7 sign among the zodiac signs. Libra people are those born between September 23 and October 22, and the Libra symbol is a pair of scales. The scales represent justice and fairness, one of the most dominant Libra traits. Planet Venus, the god of love and beauty, rules the Libra sign.

Libra Traits

With their advocacy for fairness, Libras are peaceful, gentle and lovable.  Libras just don’tlibra traits tolerate injustice, and any hint of it can easily anger them. This Libra trait is what makes them such good leaders and diplomats. They will do anything to bring warring parties together, while they choose peace over violence. They exude charm and are capable of long winded and philosophical conversations. Libras are ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus, which makes them want to be around attractive people, places, and art.

Libras love sincerely when they do, and expect the same from others. This Libra trait often lands them in stressful situations when they’re not loved back. They can’t hold back their love, so they end up giving it to the wrong people. In the family, a Libra is that reliable

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partner, brother or sister. They help unconditionally and are very social with friends as well as family.

Libras are good at resolving conflicts. They make good  team mates and are often excellent speakers. They make successful careers out of jobs that require them to engage in diplomacy and dialogue. On the outside, they’re charming and flow with the ideas of others, but deep down, they have a keen eye to detail. For this, they will point out subtle things that others may not have noticed a trait that makes them great problem solvers.


A Libra trait that often fails them in life is their inability to make decisions. When faced with a choice, the Libra will remain indecisive, preferring someone else to make it on their behalf, or delaying it.

Libra Compatibility

The Libra Man

The Libra man is attracted by beauty more than anything else. He will only go for what libra compatibilityhe feels he and others would approve as cute. Libra men will take the time to decide to love, so he needs a woman who is patient and assertive. He is always open to discussion aimed at solving issues which mean his partner should be the open and talkative type. Usually gentle and with a dislike for conflict, the Libra man is attracted to the equally calm type of woman. Any sign of fussy and flaky behavior will make the Libra man take flight, ending the relationship.

The Libra Woman

She is gentle and outwardly beautiful. The Libra woman knows how to take care of her looks, and expects to be told how gorgeous she looks. She needs a partner who appreciates and comments on her beauty without ceasing. She is cautious at first and will take the time to trust and to love fully. The decision comes later on or soon depending on how much she is pushed to make it. The Libra woman is intelligent and a good family woman, always looking for marriage in relationships.

The character Libra traits of Libras make them compatible with people who have almost similar characters. They also benefit to have people who can complement their lacking qualities such as indecisiveness. Libras are suited for the zodiac signs Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, and Aquarius.


Libra Personality Summary

Libra traits are mainly positive. It makes them nice people to hang around with. They make lovely families friends. They’re capable of inclinations towards using force, though, in a bid to make things fair, especially if they’re leaders. Among the notable Libra people in the world include Vladimir Putin and Margaret Thatcher.

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