Horoscope Compatibility

Horoscope Sign Compatibility

So is there anything to Horoscope Sign compatibility. Does your astrological sign really have anything to do with who your ideal mate is. Or who can be the very best good friend for you. Exists a reason that some brother or sisters are competitors for life, while others are as close as twins.

Consider the writer, who is a Virgo, although an irregular Virgo (we think). Her sis is a Capricorn, and according to the astrology experts, we need to be in tune with Capricorns. And in fact, the author and her sis and quite actually opposite sides of the very same coin. We have the same dreams! And we know when the other remains in difficulty of some kind. We will call each other at odd times, just to discover that the other was in problem, or needed aid or guidance or counsel. We have no idea it consciously, but it just works out that way.

Then there was her partner, or ex-husband, to be more precise. He was a Libra and possibly we should have done some research into astrology prior to we got wed. In one article we checked out, under Libra, it stated “No opportunity.” How real, how real!

So ought to you decide about your life partner based on astrology. Well, it does not hurt to do some dispassionate assessment before taking such a big action. While you might not wish to turn down somebody on the basis of his birth date, a great horoscope CAN help you out with some ideas to his/her nature that you might not detect all by yourself. When they do something that entirely dumbfounds you, perhaps a little fundamental understanding of astrology will help you decipher what’s going on and assist you communicate much better. Which’s never a bad thing, no matter what resource you’re utilizing for much better communication.

Horoscope Sign Compatibility chart

We will be posting a series of Horoscope Sign compatibility articles.  Describing the best and worst compatibility for each zodiac sign.

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Check back soon to see more!

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