Gemini Traits – Learn both Female and Male Traits Including Compatibility

Gemini Traits

According to the Zodiac chart, Gemini Traits

Geminins are known for their unpredictable behavior!!!  It can be said on a lighter note that when a person has a lovely Gemini partner he is having two instead of one; this is because a Gemini has two distinct sides. Read through the article to know more about Gemini Traits.


Gemini is the third sign in Zodiac. Gemini belongs to the element of air, which helps to feel good when it is inhaled and gives freedom to the soul. This is how the Gemini Traits are and what makes them a good person to converse with.

The symbol of Gemini sign is the caring twins. The symbol itself can speak a lot about the Geminians. These people are there to make everything right when some relationship has to be mended, they will be ready to give themselves for their friend or family. People who are born under this sign will feel like they are missing something; they feel as though they are missing the second half. This makes them in search of new friends and people to share their feelings.

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Gemini Traits:

‘Unpredictable’ is the simple word that can be used to denote Gemini Traits. Yes, they really are. People who get along with Gemini all the day are the right people to be asked to describe them. They are the only persons who will be in a position to say that ‘Unpredictable’ is not an exaggerated term used to call the Geminins.  So, to get a clear idea about how these Geminis react, here are some of Gemini Traits.

  • Most of the Geminis have childish innocence by nature.
  • They are very much affectionate and a social bee.
  • Some do not want to get into conflict. They will try to the maximum to avoid any conflict. On the other hand, when they feel that they are cornered, they do not hesitate to give back a blow with their words.
  • Geminis are very loyal. Though they take the time to choose their right friend, once they choose, they will be very much loyal to them.
  • One of the most important Gemini Traits is that they can view a situation from both the sides. They understand the situation from all the viewpoint and form the best opinion.
  • They are generally talkative and they flirt much.
  • The negative side of them is that they cannot stick on to one particular interest or idea as their ideas and interests are not limited.
  • They are easily driven by people who make them laugh.
  • Geminis generally get into intense emotions. They may behave amazingly when they are in a very good mood and on the other hand, they become emotionally exhausted when they are in a bad mood.
  • Geminis are adventurous in almost everything whether it is their hobby, career or love life.
  • They are very much adaptable to new surroundings. They love to be in a happy environment at the same time they can also be in an environment that makes them roll with punches.


Gemini Compatibility:

Geminians take a lot of time to choose their partner but once they get committed they remain loyal and they give everything they have got.  Geminis are more compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius and are found to be less compatible with Virgo and Pisces.

Remember that Geminians like to be free in their life when you try to get them under control, they may slip off from your hand.

Summary of a Gemini:

The above Gemini Traits relatively give a fair idea on how the Geminis are. Here is a crisp summary of all their characteristics.

Strength: Affectionate, Adaptable, Loyal and exchange ideas

Weakness: Inconsistent, Unpredictable, Indecisive and nervous

They like to chat with anyone and everyone and like to go on trips. They do not like to be let alone and they undergo terrible mood swings.

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