Cancer Traits

cancer traits

The Zodiac has 12 different signs. Each of the Zodiac signs represents different character and personality in people. Depending on the date of birth, each person has its Zodiac signs. The Cancer sign is one of the 12 Zodiac signs. What describes a person born under the Cancer sign? What are the Cancer traits that describe that person?

Cancer Background

The Cancer sign and the Cancer constellation do not coincide with each other. The Cancer constellation is hard to recognize because it’s one of the dimmest constellations, somewhere in between Leo and Gemini and because of that this sign is considered as the ‘’Dark sign’’.

This sign is a cardinal sign that means it starts with the first day of the summer season. The constellation of the Cancer in ancient times was located in the most northern location of the Sun and the ancient people considered this sign as a representation of the summer solstice.

The Cancer sign is linked with a myth from ancient Greek times when Zeus was unfaithful to his wife Hera and got a son by the other woman. The son was named Hercules and become a big Greek hero; Hera made him fight many creatures to destroy him. When he was fighting the Hydra, a crab pinches his foot and Hercules smashed her with his leg.

This myth is linked to the sign because it shows a person that has great powers, but it is not aware of them. People that have this sign, as in the story, often are in the middle of a family mess and must fight prejudice.

Cancer Traits

A person born as a Cancer has a birth date between 21 June and 22 July, having the Water as their element. The cancer sign is a cardinal sign ruled by the Moon. The main characteristic color of this sign is white and the best days of the week for this sign are Monday and Thursday. Luckiest numbers for the Cancer are 2, 3, 15, and 20.

Knowing the main Cancer traits is the first and best step to learning the character and personality of a person born under the Cancer sign.

The Cancer traits:

  • The strengths of this sign are his loyalty, emotions, imagination, persuasiveness, tenaciousness, and his sympathy. People born under the Cancer sign are highly sentimental and intuitive, making them hard to get to know. They can be very emotional, especially when it comes to their family. When they get close to people, they can become much attached. Because of their great empathy and loyalty, they can feel the suffering of others.
  • The Cancer traits for weaknesses are their moodiness, pessimistic view, manipulation power, and their insecurities. Because of their guidance by emotions they can a hard time to control their heart and feelings. Their lack of patience makes them have many mood swings and turn to manipulation and selfishness.
  • People born with the Cancer sign like art, home hobbies, relaxing close to water, having meals with family or friends, and helping people they care about. The Cancer sign avoids conflicts, and it’s the first one that offers help when his loved ones need it. They love to have a harmonic life in the house with the family.
  • The Cancer traits for dislikes are strangers, criticism that comes from the family especially their mothers, and to speak of their personal life. Deep inside the Cancer fears from rejection, so he avoids meeting new people. They don’t’ like getting critics from their loved ones.

Cancer Compatibility

Not every Zodiac sign can be compatible with the other 11 signs. Every sign has its favorites when it comes to compatibility. The most compatible signs for the Cancer sign are Capricorn and Taurus.

The compatibility between the Cancer sign and the Taurus sign is very high because of their similar personalities and the perspective in life. The both signs are caring and compassionate; love to hang out with family and friends. They can complete each other lives and make each other happy, living in harmony.

The Cancer and Capricorn compatibility is high even if they are opposing signs. They can be the perfect lovers for each other because of the passion and attraction between these signs. Because of their loyalty and devotion as personality characteristics they can create one peaceful and harmonic life together. The Cancer is oriented to the family, and the Capricorn has high ambitions, understanding and helping each other can result in a perfect relationship.

Cancer Traits Summary

If you want to know about your love relationship with a Cancer sign person, you need to know the Cancer Traits that are forming that person, their personality and their perspective in life.

The Cancer traits can certainly help to understand the actions of the Cancer signs and to see if your Zodiac sign can create a romantic or friendly relationship with this sign.

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